Monday, May 3, 2010

News Interview

This was the script from a recent new interview I was in.

News Anchor:
Hello, here we are again for the five o'clock news. And now we turn over too the greatest drama right now with our the person who knows the most about the matter. Apollo.

I godly think that this is really silly but my what I know now is that way to many people are becoming involved.

Why do you say that.

I think that with Zeus intervening is a good thing because It will hopefully help ending the drama, but I am afraid that other gods may start to think that their stepping in can help.

Go on! More Drama FOOL we create drama here we don't try to stop it!

A: Did you just call me a fool! Cause if you did you are right. Anyway I also think that Demeter should just sit back and do her artistic stuff like I do and keep doing what she is good at instead of being stupid.

Well I think that you are crazy 'cause you don't like drama.

Thank you for having me on the show.

And now for "Drama Hunter" the new show on Greek drama.

Oh Zeus.

Bio Poem

Just a poem a loyal fan wrote me:

Caring, humanitarian, renaissance, healer
Lover off nature, agriculture and arts
Who feels love, care and help
Who needs care, instruments and truth
Who fears dark, fighting and lies
Who would like to see peace, light and music forever
Resident of Mount Olympus
AKA Phoebus

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I thought I might just introduce myself first. I've been told that I am the most Greek of all the Gods but I'm not so sure about that. I have also heard that I'm a bit of a renaissance man. This though I do believe. I love to play my golden lyre and I guess I'm also the master musician. I'm also a huge fan of Greek poetry. I also am the god of agriculture which I thoroughly enjoy. I did in the past teach men the art of healing which I'm very proud of because of how many people I have helped. And I also am god of the sun and light. I really do love all of these because I get to help the mortals. So you could call me a humanitarian if you wanted...maybe? And the only time you may ever see or hear me angry with anyone is if a lie falls from their mouth! You will never-ever hear me lie!

Thank you so much for looking at my page and please remember none of the above I concluded on my own. It took me many milleniums for my fellow gods to convince me that I was anything of the positive things above.

Humbly yours,

This is just a sculpture of me a friend of me made. As you can see I'm a true simpleton with my golden leyre and an animal at my side.


My photo
Just a kid with goats, a butt ton of flannel and a passion for innovation and positive change, (as well as skiing.)