On this page I will be posting occasional posts for a Journal!  I will most likely not write me daily life down but only when something special or exceptional happens.  After all there is a lot that you have to do as a god and lots of interactions.  Most recently though I left Mount Olympus for my spring break.  If you want to hear more, keep reading!

Spring Break 2010
This break was an unforgettable one.  Most significantly I ended up involved in many activities that I really enjoy.  To start of my break I went to a local farm and helped the sheep.  You mustn't forget that I am the god of the flocks so I did feel right at home.  As the week progressed the days became warmer and warmer and longer and the weather was impeccable!  I think that it may have only rained once.  The only annoying part was when Hermes decided to disrupt my peace and take my beloved cattle like he did long ago.  It took me one and a half days!  Luckily my cattle were fine but boy was I mad.  You probably know that I hate lies and I also hate tricks.  But instead of becoming mean with him I have plotted another prank on him.  But you won't be able to find out unless you check back regularly.   


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Just a kid with goats, a butt ton of flannel and a passion for innovation and positive change, (as well as skiing.)